Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Our customers mean the world to's a few things they had to say about their Ethicus experience!

  • I tresure my beautiful one so lucky to have such a peice of effort by so many skilled people. It is better than any jewel, and all who see it want one too. It is a cloth of hope and inspiration.

    Marion Hera-Gorr,  Victoria, Australia
  • Thanks a lot. You make cotton sarees cool in more ways than one. Luv the unique motifs, texture and colour combos.

    Dr. Veena Jagaram,  Trichy,India
  • Got the saree yesterday...thank you so much.Liked it very much Should appreciate for the effort which has gone in.

    Padmini Koneti,  Bengaluru,India
  • The sarees indeed arrived and my,my...they were really very lovely, especially the ajrakh!!! Ethicus has taken its sarees several notches higher than when I purchased my very first one!! The quality of the fabric...its difficult to actually capture that beauty of that texture. The sarees truly made my day...and love that Ethicus touch with regard to details of weaver & duration taken to create the saree...Looking forward to many more sarees from Ethicus in my wardrobe. Keep up the great work,to you & yours...women across the globe truly appreciate it.

    Shivanee Selvaratnam,  Selangor,Malaysia
  • Just received the Iris & the Ajrakh Sarees, they are extraordinary! I love love love the work you do and so appreciate that you are willing to share your work with me. Thank you ever so much!

    Stacy Green Jacobs,  Chicago, USA
  • Absolutely gorgeous, all three of them, love the little labels and notes and special info touches.

    Sonya Madeira Welde,  Singapore
  • 100 % organic sarees that are beautiful pieces of art. I was glad to see the video presentation that shows the whole journey of their products and to know the concept & inspiration behind the saree that I purchased. It will always remain a special one for me as it’s my 1st major purchase on my own after my wedding as almost all my other sarees are inherited or gifted by family.Thank you Ethicus for a beautiful saree that’s also part of sustainable fashion.

    Bhavita Modi,  Delhi, India
  • The feel of organic cotton saree is just so pure so warm... Loved the saree, the weaving, the motifs and lovely burst of colors.. Love Ethicus.

    Vibhavari Nagarhalli,  Mumbai,India
  • Awesome experience and a treat to the eyes , the entire collection is unique and deep rooted in INDIA , no words to experience the joy ... beauty for the beholder eyes.

    Geetika Manish Puri,  Delhi,India
  • Contemporary designs matched with ethical fabric.. one of the best saree design brands around.

    Dhawal Parate,  Delhi,India
  • I don’t just like it, I love it!The design and material is just amazing.

    VA Sreenivasan,  Nova Scotia, Canada