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August 27th, 2020

A Happy Badge

Mylswami, his wife Saraswathi, Mohan Raj… names that meant nothing to me until some years ago. In 2015 March, I was introduced to these lovely weavers through the tags that Ethicus had proudly attached to its organic cotton saris. Earlier, a beloved colleague spoke about the work being done in Pollachi to revive a weaving tradition. Thus began a love affair with saris that smelt of the earth and yet wore sophistication like a happy badge.

It’s a yearly treat of sorts for many. Pine a year long for one good sari, mentally wade through the eclectic collections they come up with every few months,and zero in on that one range, or two that truly make your heart sing. Would it be an Ajrakh print, a Mumbai line or the tie-and-dye range?

Whatever you choose, you know that you’re wearing a sari that speaks many stories: of designers who work to fuse tradition and modernity,of weavers who hold on to their craft while experimenting with design, and of women who tie artistic tassels onto pallus. So, what’s your story?

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Subha  J Rao