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August 27th, 2020

Ethicus – An Epitome Of Pollachi’s Vibrant Business Landscape!

Ethicus – An epitome of Pollachi’svibrant business landscape! Home to one of the wealthiest farming communities in the country, the historic town of Pollachi in Tamilnadu, India, and its surrounding rustic villages have always bolstered the spirit of entrepreneurism and nurtured families that embraced it for many generations past.

Despite the confluence of modern technology and with the adoption of new-age business practices, Ethicus and Appachi Cotton have truly remained one of the very few traditional business families of the region that still uphold the sustainable values and cherish ethical practices that the ancestors of this ancient land much embraced. By offering organic, hand-woven fabric to the consumer world and by supporting the neglected-yet- skilled weaving community, Ethicus also does business in style and boasts of an envious community of conscious customers around the world who have a discerning taste for finer things, by offering them fine fabrics replete with art, precision and creativity.

Their products tell a captivating story, equally spellbinding as their own entrepreneurial journey and always retain a human touch while still ensuring utmost care for the environment and its well-being! Ethicus and Appachi are truly an epitome of sustainable business ventures that has made the land of Pollachi, a land of abundant natural wealth and prosperity, where people and nature interact, co- exist and co-operate for the ultimate well-being of all.

Pravin Shanmughanandam

Editor and Co-founder
Pollachi Papyrus

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Pravin Shanmughanandam, An enthusiast at heart, Pravin considers himself a Nature lover, dreamer and God’s child. 
He is the Editor and Co-founder 'Pollachi Papyrus', a magazine / a travelogue aimed at promoting responsible tourism, conserving the bio-diversity, culture and tradition of Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India.